EuroGlazing offers a retrofit double glazing system using a frameless glass secondary window.
Our alternative double glazing products are designed to meet the varying climatic conditions of Australia, where we primarily worry about insulating our homes against the heat of Summer getting in, and the heat we create in Winter getting out. We know about insulation and Low R-values for our walls and roofs but now, with increasing energy costs, we need to consider insulation for the heat leaking through our windows, which can transmit 10 times the heat of an insulated wall.
Window types such as casement, awning, double-hung or sliding can be enhanced with EuroGlazing.
The following factors distinguish our windows from other add-on double glazing systems such as the magnetic, aluminium and uPVC framed systems available on the market:

  • Custom designed secondary glass – not acrylic – also known as internal storm windows
  • Beautiful – because there is a frameless profile, the windows are almost invisible, they fit on the inside of your existing window frames on the casing
  • Thick glass using 8mm thickness of toughened safety glass or low-e Smartglass™
  • Better security with the exclusive Spanjolet lock
  • Opens easily on discreet stainless steel hinges for easy cleaning and fresh air
  • Noise Proof – Improves the acoustic performance of the existing window system by reducing the ingress of external noise by at least 70%
  • Insulates brilliantly in all seasons by trapping a layer of still air inside your window pane, eliminating the need for insulating curtains
  • Reduces condensation on glass surfaces meaning less damp inside
  • Saves Money – Lower electricity & gas costs in all seasons
  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Eliminate the need for thick dusty curtains
  • 5 year warranty