Euro Double Glazing works very simply by installing 8mm thick frameless glass panes on the inside of your existing windows. They open with hinges.

Your existing window remains, typically 4mm thick. That, plus the air gap, plus the 8mm thick inner secondary glazing can give the best insulation possible for your window.

The finished product is stylish & beautiful as there is no frame of uPVC, magnet or aluminium to ruin the appearance of your room; frameless = almost invisible.

We use high-quality designer stainless steel hinges and our unique custom built window pane assembly will fit perfectly and functionally over what you have, allowing ease of opening for fresh air & cleaning.

Our advanced sealing system gives the air buffer needed for superior acoustic and thermal insulation improvements. Security is enhanced with our Spanjolet handles.

Euro Double Glazing is well suited to older homes with timber framed windows, especially where conservation and heritage considerations are integral.